When we were children, there were not as many skateparks and spots as there are today, we spent the summer holidays with friends building minis half- pipes and reproducing models we saw in skate magazines.  We used the hand tools of our grandparents. The materials were scarce, we used these pallets and wood from bankrupt ceramic factories or buildings on construction sites, the most difficult was to get the final smooth coating, which made it difficult to practice skateboarding.  The projects evolved year after year, with the appearance of new materials electrical tools, screws and the most economical plywood, the ramps became more skateable and fun. 
After finishing the industrial design course in Lisbon and working in Barcelona, where he attended the main skateboarding spots in the city, daily, becoming more aware of the potential and growth of the sport.  Passionate about skateboarding and surfing, he combined his knowledge of design and manufacturing processes in the construction of appealing and innovative products for the context of home, family and friends. 
In search of old memories, and with the collaboration of two friends the SUBA project started to develop in 2011.
SUBAramps is a Portuguese brand. Our products are manufactured by a group of local companies in the Oeste region of the country.
Thanks to all. 
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